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Privacy policy

1. General provisions

By using the services and services of the website (hereinafter referred to as "Coral Club"), you entrust your personal data to us. To find out what data we use, please read this section carefully to fully understand the applicable Privacy Policy and protect the information you provide.

This Personal Data Processing Policy (hereinafter also referred to as the PD Processing Policy) of I.P. Uznadze 91, developed by the Law of Georgia on "Protection of Personal Data" #5669 (16/01/2012).

2. Purposes and methods of personal data processing

Personal data transferred to the Company is used to perform the work and services provided for by the Charter of the Company, as well as to fulfill mutual obligations between the Company and the Club Members, including to ensure the convenience of using the site, ensure timely and accurate delivery of products, prompt communication with the Club Members through preferred communication channels, notification of promotions and other events of the Company, organization of joint events, creation of photo and video reports, as well as other services aimed at improving the quality of service.

Processing (collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating and changing), use, distribution (including transfer, depersonalization, blocking, and destruction) of personal data is divided into:

  • processing of personal data in personal data information systems using automation tools;
  • processing of personal data carried out without the use of automation tools.

3. Categories, types of processed data

The Company may process the data of the following persons:

  • users of the site who do not have an account or have not been authorized. In these cases, we, like all other sites, will not be able to identify a specific person. The collected information is used for marketing purposes and to improve the quality of services;
  • users of the site, who have an account and at the time of viewing the site, are logged into it. In these cases, before using personal data, the Company informs about what they can be used for. For example, we may need your name and address to fulfill your order.

The company guarantees the protection of the personal data provided by you. Personal data is processed in accordance with the rules of the Company based on the current legislation of Georgia.

We may collect information about you from various sources. We collect personal data from you directly or on behalf of your Referrer. If you transfer your data to sales offices, this simultaneously means that you agree to grant them the right to transfer data to the Company.

We collect data about you when you visit our site or view advertisements on the Internet. We use Internet cookies and other technologies to collect information about you when you visit our sites, use our services, or view our advertisements.

Cookies - a small text file that is stored on the user's computer for reporting purposes. This file is used when you access this site in order to identify the client and provide a more convenient use of it. For example, in the case of placing an order and sending it to the basket, the Product remains in the shopping basket even after you have left the site and then returned to it again.

For example, using this technology, we may obtain the following information: your browser or operating system type; the web pages you view; the links you follow; IP address; the site you visited prior to visiting our site; Company emails that you have opened or forwarded; offers or links of the Company to which you have passed by e-mail; about selected products or preferences for ease of use while browsing.

This data will allow us to improve the quality of the display of information on the site, as well as its functionality, provide user convenience and efficient administration. The processing of personal data is carried out automatically in compliance with security conditions.

In the individual browser settings, you can configure the conditions and procedure for storing cookies on your device. You can exclude the right to store and accept cookies if the version of the browser you are using supports this function. Please note that in case of restriction of the possibility of accepting, storing cookies, a number of functions and capabilities of the site and the use of the Company's services may be limited, the information may be displayed incorrectly. Thus, with "limiting" settings of your browser that block messages, you will not be able to fully work with the site.

We receive information directly from you when you sign up to receive our offers and programs or otherwise provide it to us. For example, we collect information from you when you register as a Member and receive a CCI ID number.

The composition of the processed personal data, taking into account the purpose of their processing, may include:

  • Full name;
  • Country of Residence;
  • Mailing address;
  • Contact phone numbers;
  • Valid email address;
  • other information: gender, date of birth, and full name and registration number of the Referrer (where required by local law).

If you refuse to provide certain information that is mandatory, then registration as a Club Member, as well as placing an order, may become impossible. For example, the lack of information about the address does not allow the Company to deliver the ordered products to the place of delivery if the appropriate method of receiving the products is Selected.

Using the site, the Company's services, as well as filling out the form, when registering as a Club Member, is an Expression of consent within the meaning of the Federal Law "On the Protection of Personal Data" and agreement with all clauses of this Policy and the company's rules.

Using the site, as well as the services of the Company, or registering on the site, including by filling out a questionnaire, as well as written consent to the processing of personal data, you give your consent to the processing, including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, and other processing of personal data specified in them.

On the site, for each user, information is available on the products purchased by them over the past six months for the purpose of high-quality support and consultations. Access to this information can be activated using the functionality of your personal account by setting the appropriate value in the settings. With the consent to show information about their purchases, the user gives access to other users in the structure above to the following data:

  • order number,
  • order date,
  • reporting month of the order,
  • order type,
  • country of ordering,
  • number of points,
  • the cost of the order in the currency of the country,
  • order description: product code and name, quantity, points, and amount for the product.

The user independently chooses the possibility of access of other site users to their data. When access to information about completed purchases in Coral Club is activated, order data will become available to other users. It is important to understand that from the moment such consent is provided in the personal account, the user assumes full responsibility for providing data to third parties. The site administration is not responsible for the actions of other users.

4. Use of personal data

The information received makes it possible to:

  • analyze website traffic statistics and customer preferences;
  • improve the quality of our services and customer service;
  • place and fulfill orders;
  • control payments and dispatch of orders;
  • resolve disputes, etc.

We may use the information we collect about you to:

  • register you as a Client;
  • create your account with the ability to access via the Internet and ensure its functioning, as well as respond to your requests;
  • process your orders for goods or services;
  • contact you;
  • facilitate your use of the Website through the use of cookies (for example, to offer a shopping cart feature, remember login details, language preferences, etc.);
  • improve the Website, including by tracking and monitoring your use of the Website using cookies, as well as diagnosing problems with the software and equipment we use;
  • keep accounting records, conduct audits, create invoices, and accept funds;
  • comply with applicable legal requirements, industry standards, and our policies.

5. Transfer of personal data

The Company has the right to transfer your personal data to persons within the structure of the company, Club Members, your upline and downlin, sponsors, and persons involved in the process of executing your orders only if they are depersonalized or in a truncated volume (full name, registration number, and information about orders ).

In case of presenting the relevant legal requirements, the Company reserves the right to additionally request consent to the processing of personal data, when the User requests the use of a particular service.

The Company has the right to transfer your personal data to third parties in the following cases:

  • at the request of the authorized bodies in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia;
  • in other cases provided for by the current legislation of Georgia.

By posting information in the personal account, including their personal data, the User acknowledges and agrees that the specified information may be available to other users of the Site, taking into account the features of the architecture and functionality of the Site.

The user independently determines the privacy mode and conditions for accessing information on the site, through the appropriate settings. In case of receiving information about them from other users of the site, the User undertakes to treat the received data with care, to bear personal responsibility for their unlawful use. The Company takes technical and organizational measures to ensure the functioning of the relevant tools of the Site.

Each registered User has access to extended information on the products they purchase. This option uses the experience of other Users about the products purchased. By subscribing to the extended informing, the User expresses their consent to provide their data on the purchased products.

In the case of the User's explicit consent, by entering the appropriate value in the settings of the personal account to receive the advanced notification option for the purchased goods, access to the User's data can be provided to other Users. The following information is used for this purpose:

  • contacts: e-mail, mobile phone.
  • number of days before the status change.
  • a list of events for which the person is registered.
  • messengers for fast communication: Skype, telegraph, watsap, vyber.
  • list of purchases for the current month, history of purchases for 6 months.

By using a resource of extended information on purchased goods, Users have an opportunity to share their opinions about the product. It is important to understand that the opinion of the Users is purely individual and subjective, so when using a particular product, we strongly recommend adhering to the instructions of the product.

After purchasing and using the product, each user is encouraged to share their impressions about the product with others.

The option provided is only a platform where Users can exchange opinions about the product.
Please note that Users are neither employees nor partners of the Company. The Company is not responsible for the use of data by other Users. From the moment consent is given by Users to access the site, publicly shown resources can be seen by all Users. All communication with Website Administration is carried out solely according to the Terms of Use.

If you do not agree with the above-mentioned data access terms or do not want to take advantage of sharing product information with others, uncheck the appropriate option(s) in your personal account settings page.

6. Protection of personal data

All information, personal or financial, that we collect from you and which provides for restricted access, is transmitted in encrypted form using special protocols, such as SSL.

On our part, we guarantee the complete safety of the information received from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, provision, distribution of personal data, as well as from any other illegal actions in relation to personal data.

We are not responsible for the harm that you can cause yourself as a result of violation of the rules for using this site or posting personal information on third-party resources.

All information received is stored unchanged and is used strictly for its intended purpose.

We implement a set of appropriate technical and organizational preventive measures aimed at protecting the personal data you provide from accidental, illegal and unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure, and use.

In order to ensure the security of personal data, the Company has implemented the following measures:

  • threats to the security of personal data during their processing in personal data information systems are identified;
  • a personal data protection policy has been introduced;
  • certified means of information protection are used;
  • appointed authorized employees responsible for ensuring the security of the Company's personal data;
  • measures were taken for the technical protection of personal data;
  • monitoring of compliance with the requirements for ensuring the security of personal data;
  • established rules for access to personal data;
  • the places of storage of material media containing personal data are determined;
  • limited access to the premises in which material media are stored, the content of personal data;
  • a list of employees with access to material media containing personal data is maintained;
  • recovery of personal data modified or destroyed due to unauthorized access to them;
  • detecting facts of unauthorized access to personal data and taking measures;
  • establishing rules for access to personal data processed in the personal data information system, as well as ensuring the registration and accounting of all actions performed with personal data in the personal data information system.

When registering on the site, the User independently enters the Username (login) and the selected Password in encrypted form. The User is fully responsible for the security of the chosen Username (login) and Password, in particular for the lack of access to them by third parties. The user has no right to disclose his login and password to use the user account to third parties.

7. Data retention

Personal data is subject to destruction upon achievement of the purposes of processing or in case of loss of the need to achieve them, unless otherwise provided by federal laws, as well as in the event of Identification of illegal actions with personal data and the impossibility of eliminating the violations committed within the time period established by law.

8. Use of photo and video

When holding joint events, including forums, seminars, trainings, joint meetings of the Coral Club, etc., photo and video shooting can be carried out. Such shooting is carried out in order to highlight your activity and the activities of the Company as a whole. Members of the Club, representatives of various companies and, in principle, people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, people who share the goals of Coral Club, become participants in such filming.

Making a decision to participate in the Company's Events means that the Event Participant is notified and agrees that photos and videos with his participation can be used on the Coral Club websites. In particular, the participant agrees that such materials may be transferred to other persons for their placement on the Internet pages dedicated to the Company's Events and the Company as a whole.

Such consent to the use of photo and video materials continues to be valid until the Participant sends a written refusal through the feedback form.

9. Links which may be used on the site

This Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties whose information and privacy practices may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the information and privacy practices of such third parties.

The Company is also not responsible for the content, actions and security (privacy) policy of these sites, as well as the damage that they may cause. Before disclosing any personal information to owners of third-party resources, make sure they are safe.

We recommend that you read the privacy statements of all third party websites before using such websites or providing any personal data or any other information to or through such websites. Changes and additions to the Website Privacy Notice.

10. Changes to personal data and changes to the site

If you find any error in your contact information (phone, e-mail) posted on the site, you can correct it yourself in the "Personal Account", or by contacting the site managers.

You can also revoke the right to process your personal data by sending a notice to the feedback form. At the same time, please note that from the moment of revocation of such a right, the use of part or all of the services of the site and the services of the Company becomes impossible.

The main provisions for the functioning of security (confidentiality) standards came into force on April 1, 2019. The Company reserves the right to change and supplement this Website Privacy Notice at any time without further notice to users of the website. If this Website Privacy Notice changes, we will change its effective date and such changes will take effect when they are posted. We encourage you to periodically review the Website's Privacy Notice.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the Privacy Policy, please notify us using the feedback form on the site.

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